How Coronavirus has changed our entertainment habits?

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Every living creature needs to feel relieved, and entertainment is the best way to find an escape window from a monotonous life. A very special role it is playing in the last two years due to the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic.  But due to changed circumstances, we all have to change the way we consume entertainment. Why not explore how the world gets entertained nowadays after the corona pandemic.  

No more free-spirited visits to movie theatres

No one can deny the fact that movie theatres are the prime sources of entertainment.  We were never able to resist our desire to go to watch the latest movie every weekend. It was always in our plan to watch the latest release. But gone are those days now because now and then, the repeated lockdown episodes have put a lock on the movie theatres. We really miss the popcorn buckets and cold drink sips and watching the big screen, but the content delivery is not over yet.

  • We are more inclined to online content available on a varied platform like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc., and from movies to serials, everything is there. The extended hours of users on the internet prove that they have so much to watch and that too without any break. Movie theatres are closed, but content delivery is ‘ON’.
  • The users of these platforms have increased up to 36% to 40% after covid-19.  The addiction to videos and movies is going on without any obstruction due to this online content thing. 
  • However, we cannot neglect another evident fact that screen time has increased considerably. As people spend more time in their homes, they have more free time (excluding work from home hours), and thus they want to see more movies.
  • Researchers always mention that even you watch movies or videos for entertainment but more screen time on the mobile, laptop, etc., causes depression. But most of the online content users say that they have no choice.

We really do not know how long corona will stay with us, but digital media will be the biggest support for entertainment if it stays. Accordingly, the industry has changed, and it is investing a lot of money not only for the big screen movies but also for the web series. They are now as versatile and precious as the movies. Nowadays, there are only two popular things: online entertainment and online loans in Ireland, the UK, the US, and the whole world. Do you agree?

Facts about entertainment habits after covid-19  
Around 80% of users say they have never used media more than this.
Consumption of media is different according to age and generation gaps.
The world is consuming the media to extreme levels indoors to stay safe.

Varied media types have increased the number of users

Media consumption for entertainment purpose has changed many types of platforms and has increased the number of users. Factual and data-based knowledge can perhaps offer better insight into the circumstances.

The entertainment is more about using digital platforms because we have no newspapers to receive at home and no physical contact with any sort of media outside our homes. Humans across the planet were never prepared for this transformation, but the new situation is our reality.

Here are some facts to offer factual information –

  • 58% more millennials are spending more time watching films. 
  • 54% of people spend time on mobile applications
  • 29% of people are uploading or creating videos on YouTube and Tiktok
  • 52% are listening to streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify etc.
  • 18% of Podcast users have increased after covid-19 chaos
  • 53% people are watching broadcast TV more than ever

The above data reveals that our circumstances have changed thoroughly. If the corona pandemic continues to carry on, we are sure to continue with more use of media. The digital platform is the biggest savior for entertainment lovers, and it was impossible even to imagine. We had only newspapers and television with limited hours of broadcast. The entertainment industry has extended a lot, and there is so much to expect more from it.

Radio users have increased thoroughly   

Oh yes, the entertainment ways have also taken a traditional form. Radio listening has improved a lot after the corona pandemic. It was a big concern for the radio stations that this media has less number of users now. We used to listen to it while driving back home from the office, and at that time, only music channels were the choice.  Now things have changed a lot.

  • With a 30% increase in radio listening, it is a promising sign that radio will take a special place in the choice list of the people. They spend a lot of time listening to radio programs, whether about music, news, or other entertainment programs.
  • Radio listeners say that they do this to reduce their screen time. After corona as we know, we all use television, mobile, laptop etc., more than ever. This may cause some severe health issues such as headache and depression, and many other health issues.
  • With the radio, they spend time happily and can do other household things and even office work.  You have to watch while using a video but radio is the best option for all. It is a healthy source of entertainment that lets you do your work without any time waste. A small space is sufficient to keep the radio, besides no high cost is there for using radio for entertainment.

The above facts and figures and information explain how we have changed our habits in entertainment consumption. Music apps, radio, podcasts all platforms are full of life. They all help us spend time while we are in a home, but it is necessary to limit the use because more technology and devices make us ill. We are inside doors to stay healthy and not to get sick. All the best with your entertainment consumption, hope it will be the sensible and in limit.

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