Business Idea Development Process

Business Ideas Development Methods

An important element of a successful business idea advancement process is to adhere to a process of how to evaluate a business concept or task, if it is chosen to move forward with the project, decide to start a business. If you don’t follow a process, you will find yourself circling and revising the same topics over and over without making progress. In addition to wasting time, frustration can cause you to make bad decisions that might bother you later.

The process of developing business ideas is not a simple process. While some people work on a group of business ideas, some people focus on one business idea.

However, there are two kinds of problems:

  • First; to find a business idea that can come true, not a dream
  • The second is; being an entrepreneur but having no idea

The most convenient way is to have a systematic approach to generate and select business ideas that you can turn into real business. Remember that when you formulate and choose some of your ideas, you need to validate them and be 100 percent sure that you will be successful.
Those wondering what a business idea is can check out what is a business idea.

6 Stages of Developing Business Ideas

An entrepreneur or a small business must follow certain processes and procedures to ensure the proper development of the enterprise or business.Every stage of the development procedure needs focus and also severe information

. The business owner must follow the process from idea to launch and adhere to strict standards throughout the process. To increase the chances of business success, the business owner must need appropriate preparation and development at each stage.


Brainstorming is key to concept building. You should also follow all the ideas produced. At this point all ideas will be diverse and potentially relevant. You should then review each idea to determine its suitability. Evaluate each idea and determine which one will bring the most profit and is most valuable.


Concept evaluation includes market research where information about your opinion is collected and analysed. For a small business owner, it is essential to do market research to determine if the concept is viable. The entrepreneur must understand the target market, what he needs and what he is looking for, and what the market is willing to pay for the product or service. You should evaluate all aspects of the idea before moving on to the next step.


Creating a comprehensive business plan is always one of the best strategies. You should clearly define the goals of your business in your business plan. Offer info about your balance sheet, income statements as well as cash flow. A distinct organisation strategy will certainly guide the business in the right instructions and increase the possibilities of having an effective product launch


At this stage, you will take your concept and make it concrete. You will develop a prototype of your product that you can put on the market like final expense leads . You must also create production and operations processes, plans for your marketing launch, and market test plans.


This phase includes a test market that is as close as possible to a real market situation. You will publish your prototype on the public market. Your prototype is monitored and your market test results should confirm that this is a valid idea to move forward as a product.


A successful product launch should address whether an appropriate number of products are available, whether you have properly planned your marketing activities, whether all appropriate documentation has been developed, and whether your workers are appropriately trained and all set to support the product.

Key Questions in the Business Idea Development Process

Create a framework for the business idea development process. This is the first step in your unique business ideas development process.At this stage you need to create a framework for the following steps

This is everything that will happen outside of the framework, you will not be involved in the next steps of the process.

Questions You Should Answer During This Stage of Your Business Ideas Development Process;

1- Is entrepreneurial life something you really want?
2- Are you psychologically ready for your start-up process?
3- What are your goals for the future?
4- What is your earning goal in a few years?
5- How will you start your business? Is it alone or with a team of partners?
6- How much capital can you collect and spend at the start-up phase?
7- Can you find partners and how much money can they give you for your startup process?
8- How long can your business survive before the business starts generating money?

The Brainstorming Step in Your Business Idea Development Process

Brainstorming is the process of generating ideas. What matters here is not the quality of the idea, but the amount of idea generation. Before starting this step, it would be good to prepare a business ideas guide where you can write down all your business ideas. The business idea development process is a process that needs consideration and is never a straightforward process. It takes effort, time and knowledge.

Business Ideas Process – Systematic Approach

9- What is my critical knowledge?
10- What can I do with my information?
11- Can I sell something related to my information?
12- How can my knowledge change the world?
13- What are my previous experiences?
14- What can I work with my previous experiences?
15- Can I sell something from my previous experiences?
16- How can my previous experiences improve the world?
17- What are my previous skills?
18- What can I work on my skills?
19- Can I sell something related to my skills?
20- How can my skills improve the world?
21- What are the problems with my knowledge in the market?
22- Are there any problems with my experiences in the market?
23- What problems are there with my skills in the market?
24- Do I have a hobby that can benefit as a new business idea?
25- Can I transfer my hobby to a successful job?
26- How can I make the hobby better?
27- Are there any current market practices that I can improve on my knowledge?
28- Regarding my current experiences in the market, what are the experiences that I can improve on?
29- Are there some current market practices in the market where I can improve my skills?

Choosing the Best Business Idea in the Business Ideas Development Process

This step is the step of choosing the best business idea from the many ideas you will create in the previous step. The aim of this step is to find one or more ideas to continue the business idea development process.

30- Can I exclude some of the ideas generated in the previous step?
31- Are there any ideas that are not compatible with my answers within the framework of the first step?
32- What are the opinions of my friends about other business ideas?
33- What do I need to check in the ideas created?
34- What is the opinion of my previous colleagues about the ideas?
35- Are there some market experts to give me an idea about business ideas?
36- What is my personal opinion about ideas?
37- In this step, do you have one or more business ideas that received the most significant amount of votes from previous questions?

Research as Part of the Business Idea Development Process

The fourth step is to explore the chosen business idea or business ideas. Here you will need a broader audience to include in your analysis. One of the tools you can use is a survey. Surveys are an important part of research and can provide you with a good flow of information.

38- Do I have the skills to apply these ideas?
39- What can you expect from the market as a reaction to these ideas?
40- How much is the market ready to pay for a product or service from a particular business idea?
41- Does the market desire something powerful like my ideas?
42- How many products or services can it give me?
43- What will be the appropriate price for the product or service?
44- Is this price something the market is willing to pay?
45- Can I make a prototype?
46- If I make a prototype, what are the opinions of our potential customers – our previous steps and the people we included here?
47- What is the feedback from prototype testing?
48- Can I make adjustments based on the feedback from previous questions?
49- Can I start with corrections?
50- Can my researches improve the business idea?


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