Best TVs that will Turn Your Living Room into a Cinema Hall

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Are you looking to upgrade your TV? But the problem is many TVs are out there, that it is often mindboggling to pick up the right one. Of course, if you invest money in a TV, you will definitely want it to provide stunning images and excellent audio quality.

TVs are in various sizes from 55 inches to small TVs, OLED TVs, 4K and 8K. Although you are to see your budget to make the decision, you also have to know the purpose of buying the TV. If you are looking to buy a TV for gaming purpose, you will have to check additional gaming features.

There are various TVs that you can buy. Some of them are listed below. However, you will have to check specifications, needs and above all, your budget.

LG C1 83 inch Class 4K Smart OLED TV

Get a spectacular picture quality and a sleek design that add resplendence to your living area. Unprecedented levels of wonder are what will make you blow away. Joyful design, cutting-edge technology and incredible audio quality will blow your mind away. Unlike LCDs and LEDs featured with backlight technology, LG OLED uses self-luminous display technology.

This is what shapes the thin designs of this TV. When it comes to picture quality, this TV beats out the others. It has millions of self-lit pixels that give it a perfect black colour.

Even though LEDs offer thousands of backlights, they cannot outweigh the qualities of OLED, and that is because of its self-lit pixels quality. Whether you want to use it to play a game or use it as a cinema theatre, LG OLEDs are the best TVs.

Sony KD-55A9G

This offers the ultimate realism. It can detect hundreds of various objects on the screen with unmatched processing power and enhance detail, brightness, and colour. It maximises contrast because it has a pixel contrast booster that pairs black and natural colour.

This is why you can watch everything in detail on the screen. This will let you feel like being in the cinema hall. It brings scenes to life, and it seems as if you are taking an authentic look at things displays on the screen.

Further, it comes with impressive sound quality. As in the cinema, the hall sound comes from different directions. You will find that this TV sounds system works like that. Since it uses Acoustic Surface Audio along with two actuators and two powerful subwoofers, it delivers multi-dimensional sound. You will be immersed in an entertaining atmosphere.

To get a cinematic experience, all you need to do is connect it with your home theatre system. This OLED also allows you to experience studio quality. It comes with Netflix calibrated mode. You can enjoy Netflix content on a studio evaluation mode. This OLED can also play HDR content in various formats.

Samsung Frame

It is more than a TV because it shapes a unique image of your house. The frame is TV when it is on and art when it is off. Whether you want to embellish your room with art or TV, Samsung Frame will solve both purposes.

It will genuinely complement your living space and bring in cinema-like vibes when you experience its stunning audio and picture quality. If you want to bring entertainment and fine art together in your room, this TV is a perfect and ideal choice for you.

It uses QLED 4K technology that lets you experience incredible details. When you are not watching the TV, the screen will turn to a black canvas and show a beautiful artwork gallery. You can take a look at fantastic artwork without having anything come your way.

Samsung Serif

You can say that the Samsung Serif is unconditionally beautiful. It completely fits in less is more. Its “I” signature profile makes it beautiful. It will look stunning anywhere in your house. It does not offer a luxurious look like Frame, yet many people are enthralled by its design. It offers a brilliant experience with an iconic design.

This TV is ideal for all types of audiences, whether you want to watch a movie or your favourite drama or a match. Since it uses AI technology, you can see all content in 4K resolution. The best part of this technology is you can seamlessly synchronise all types of video content.

It is a smart TV to deliver outstanding picture view. The Serif has unique ways to provide you with fantastic entertainment that other LEDs do not offer. It is a sleek and contemporary model, so it has high demand in the market. This TV comes with Quantum Dot technology and therefore provides stunning views with breathtaking colours.

Various TVs are out there that can provide you with the best and stunning picture and audio quality. No matter which TV you choose for your need, make sure that you choose the one that fulfils your needs and comes within your budget. It is possible that you need a TV that does not fit your budget.

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