AC Maintenance Tips for Summer 2021

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Your AC unit is the best comfort partner, especially in summers. When your system gives the best performance, you tend to ignore its maintenance. And when it has some issues, you may have to call an expert immediately. It leads to inconvenience, unnecessary expenditure, and unavoidable high energy costs. Hence, as an HVAC owner, you must know AC maintenance tips to enjoy a flawless summer. 

Can You Perform Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance Yourself? 

It is a fact that with some care and maintenance, you can keep your system running at optimum performance with controlled energy bills. You can perform some maintenance tasks yourself, while for serious issues it is necessary to call professional Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Alpharetta

Luckily, to make your system running at its best does not always require a costly restoration bill. There are many things that you can perform yourself to keep your unit working uninterruptedly with little maintenance. 

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips for Summer 2021

In this pandemic era, we need to be extra careful when it comes to AC cleaning and maintenance. The reason is contaminated air ducts are a direct source of the spread of COVID-19. Below are a few valuable tips for maintaining your HVAC during summers: 

Replacing Filter 

An air filter screens dirt and filth particles before discharging air indoors. Hence, you must replace air filters after one to three months. This easy task can significantly impact your system’s performance and indoor air quality. You must know that indoor air quality directly influences your health and wellbeing. 

Cleaning Drainage Spaces

Air Conditioners usually have drainage spaces at the cabinet’s base (below the evaporator fins). Hence, for your AC system’s optimum functioning, these spaces need to be kept clean and dry. As it is a minute space, so it is hard to clean it manually. You may need a paper clip or small wire to perform this task efficiently. 

Dry Off the Dehumidifier 

For the best system performance, you must use a dehumidifier at the right time of the year. For this, you need to take away the external casing and allow the system to dry off. After the AC system is dry, you need to vacuum clean the whole unit to clear our extra dirt and debris. 

Remove Any Obstacles from the Outdoor Unit

Your AC has an outdoor unit, which needs special care and attention. Its positioning might become a home for dirt, debris, vegetation, and other unwanted particles. Hence, it is essential to carefully examine at least twice a month to remove any obstacles. A clean system works efficiently and pulls the air from the outside environment to regulate the internal temperature. 

Cleaning Washroom Fans 

Washroom fans work throughout the year to ventilate your space. Summers is the right time to ensure that these fans operate at their best. Hence, it is vital to make sure they can clean up any dirt or debris. For this, you should take off the cover and wash them with soapy water and rinse clean. You may use a toothbrush for extraordinary cleaning. 

Smart Thermostat Will Save Money 

A smart thermostat allows you to set the temperature that enables you to control the temperature when you are at home and away. It will also help you save energy and utility bills. 

Benefits of Professional AC Services 

AC needs to work harder on the warmest days of the year. So, if it fails to give the best performance when you need it the most can be very upsetting. Hence, spring is the best time for Air Duct Cleaning in Alpharetta to prevent this mishap. 

You must look for the best AC services in town and enjoy the following benefits: 

Preventing Bigger System Issues 

When your system works, there is wear and tear. Excessive wear and tear can lead to more significant system issues. Hence, it is essential to get your HVAC system services timely by a certified technician. Only a professional can identify and refit the problems at the initial stages. It will keep your system working efficiently and save you money for costly repairs or system replacement. 

Safeguarding AC Unit’s Warranty 

Like most home appliances, an AC also comes with a specific warranty. This warranty serves as protection if your system encounters any major problem. Yet, unlike many electrical products, Air Conditioner warranties are often associated with regular maintenance. Any negligence to this maintenance can make the warranty invalid. Hence, it is important to regularly get your system inspected and maintained by a highly qualified HVAC technician. It will ensure the best performance, save high bills during summers, ensure a longer lifespan and protect the system warranty. 

Diminishing Environmental Impact

If you live near a coast, getting routine AC maintenance by a professional is even more critical. The salt content present in the sea breeze can penetrate your AC system and fast-track the rusting process. Hence, cleaning the system often removes salt before it accumulates and leads to rusting. 

Better System Efficiency 

The scorching heat during summers influences the functioning of an Air Conditioning unit. Everyone wants a perfectly cool environment. Hence, as a responsible homeowner, it is your foremost duty to get your system examined by a professional. It will help remove the accumulation or blocking of the condenser. If you allow the build-up to remain in the unit for long, you will have to suffer an inefficient performance and inadequate cooling during summers. 

Save Cost 

Increased use of AC during summers will result in high energy bills. And if your system is inefficient, you will have to pay even more. Hence, to ensure that your energy bills are as low as possible, regular maintenance by a professional is required. Apart from this, the more you care for your appliance, the longer it will last. It will eliminate the need for system replacement before time. 

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