5 Best Lipstick Boxes Type That Perfect For Lipstick Shipping

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Lipstick is the product that is one of the most emerging items in the makeup and cosmetic industries. In order to give these items a perfect solution for preservation and presentations, brands are utilizing lipstick boxes. These packages are the nature of getting customizable easily. That is why there are numerous types, designs, shapes, and sizes in these packages. Shipping is a process that is quite hard for sensitive items like lipstick. To maintain their quality, appearance, and form throughout the shipment process, these boxes have different designs and types. Following are those designs and types that you can easily utilize for the perfect shipment of your valuable products.

Sleeve With A Corrugated Tray

Corrugated is the paper material that has a great reputation in the packaging industry due to its durability. Most of the manufacturers utilize boxes made from this paper for the shipping purposes of their valuable items. So utilizing a tray that is manufactured by this paper is a great idea for the perfect holding of your item. A sleeve is basically a covering that takes place around a tray. If you take both of these things, that are tray and the sleeve, you will get a type that will surely help you to protect your lipstick items. You can place more than one item inside this tray in both vertical and horizontal orders. From this type, you will get a durable bottom for the bottom side so that the box can hold the weight or any rough handling. And the top sleeve will protect the item from getting dust or any other product harming factor.

Printed Box

From the name, you will surely think that how a printed box can help your lipstick item to go through the hard process of shipment. But you should also know that printing has been a great asset in the packaging industry for a very long time. During shipment, what mostly happens is that the workers do not consider the value of sensitivity of your products. With their little unprofessional handling or the weight of other boxes or products, the lipstick can get a lot of damage. Hence, what you can do is utilize printing to guide the workers about the value and handling of your items. You can label the box with tags and print these tags with different precautionary measures. Custom lipstick boxes give high-resolution printing results that allow the manufacturers to print anything on their surface. This is how a printed box can help your product to go safely from the hard process of shipment.

Telescope Style Box

Telescope design is originally a two-piece box style that has a top lid and a bottom. The bottom side of this design has two flaps or holes in its sides so that it can have a holding for effective handling of the product. The bottom surface includes two or three flaps tuck into each other to provide a firm holding from the downside. For the upper lid, you need to get a fixed size that can exactly fit into the bottom side. If it is not fixable and you have any doubt regarding its opening, you can place tape around it. These boxes are usually bigger in size and considered perfect for the shipping and transportation processes. You can add more than just a single lipstick to this design which will decrease the need for packaging solutions as well. In short, this design will help you to give a perfect delivery to secure your customer base.

Bottom Closer Style

Consider ordering a cosmetic item from any online market. If the product that you receive is not the one in quality that you have ordered, what will you think about the manufacturer? Probably not so good, because he has failed to deliver you the quality that you need. That is why you need to focus on the factor of protection that your product packaging can provide to your products. In this need, a style that is very famous in lipstick packages for its protection is the bottom closer design. This is the design that will make you sure about the thing that your product will not slip out from the box during shipping, delivery, or manual handling. It has flaps on the lower side that can merge into each other to provide a closed bottom. You can get an increase in the number of flaps or paper material during its manufacturing to make this package more durable and effective.

Slotted Style

A multi-purpose or multi-structural design is also great to give ultimate protection to your valuable items. The lipstick packaging is customizable due to its personalized nature. You can mold the sides and surface of these boxes according to your requirements and the nature of the products. So you can also get a multi-structure box design out of them. All you need is to add paper layers of different types like corrugated, cardboard, or bux board and make equal portions inside the packaging. With protection and perfect gripping, this design will also help you get rid of different packages and deliver your different products at the same time in the same box. For the same purpose, you can also go with utilizing custom inserts like holders, dividers, and cups. In these inserts, you can place your lipsticks. They will give you effective holding while giving a unique appearance as well.

With the help of these types in lipstick boxes, you will surely get positive reviews from the customers for your effective delivery of shipment. A huge reason of emerging of the cosmetic industry is only because of packaging solutions like these. They are helping the brand in having perfect storage and exhibition of their items. They also have numerous benefits of printing quality, promotion, attractive designs, and sustainability that can easily boost the growth of a business.

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