13 Best Markets In Mexico City

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As we know that Mexico city is a very beautiful place for all travelers but have you know that the Mexico city market is the lifeblood of this destination. Now definitely one question comes in your mind why this city market is popular at that much level. There are huge markets present in this city but we have discuss only the 13 best markets in Mexico City for you.

Now you can also think about how popular the market would be in this city. You can also enjoy traditional meals or fruits in Mexico city in some particular area. You are a person who loves to spend their money to purchase new things and love to spend your time in the market. Then this is the best market for you and also helps you to know why this is famous at that much. 

You will see some markets are like a palace or somewhere you can get all things. In this article, you will get about various markets for various purposes. These details encourage you to book your Aeromexico Airlines Reservations with your loved ones to enjoy this place.

Here is the list of the 13 best markets in Mexico city 

Mercado Roma

Mercado Roma is a fantastic market situated in Mexico City. Moreover, it has a rooftop beer garden where you can visit with your chubby buddy friends. The second location of the market is situated in Coyoacan.

Tuesday Tianguis

According to the title, I hope you have gotten that there will be something related to Tuesday. However, damn true, it is held every Tuesday by blocking off three small blocks in west Condesa. You can also take meat, fruit, and vegetables from this market. Every year tones of vegetable sales from this market that’s why this markets come’s in this Markets In Mexico City so visit here.

Milan 44

People of the modern era must visit this market because this is especially for them. You will be also familiar with new foods here which not easily available everywhere. You can also enjoy the traditional food of Mexico here that will give you a different experience. It also includes mini stalls, a yoga studio, a sushi bar, etc.

La Lagunilla

Every Sunday you will see that several sellers come to Mexico city and place their stalls early in the morning and it is around 6 am. You can take Mexican beer from here and many things by doing bargaining.

Central de Abasto

This market is generally for retailers, wholesalers, and consumers because you can get the things from here in bulk. It is the main wholesale market of Mexico city from where you can buy fruits, flowers, meat, vegetables, etc.

Mercado Coyoacán

The Coyoacan market was established in 1921 with multiple purposes. The most iconic destination of Mexico City is the Mercado Coyoacan market. You can buy anything from a needle to a sword.

Mercado Medellin

The best public market in Colonia Roma of Mexico city is Mercado Medellin. It is also a very popular market among all in Mexico City. Moreover, things like flowers, craft beers, dry goods, etc you can pick up from this market.

Sonora Market

Are you interested in mysticism or Mexican religions? If yes, then this is the best market for you because you can pick out idols, crystals, handicrafts, etc from this market. Crystals along with charms are also considered as the premium product of this market.

Mercado de San Juan

The two-building markets of Mexico City which serve full meals located a block apart are Mercado de San Juan. If you are a food lover then must visit this place to enjoy various meals. There are many different meals and dishes which is delicious and amazing for you. Whenever you will visit this place in future must visit this place.

La Ciudadela

If you love to buy some traditional Mexican handicrafts then you can visit the best market which supplies handicrafts named La Ciudadela. Things like wool blankets, Stone-plated jewelry, etc. You want to purchase the best quality novelty item then this is the best palace for you. You can visit this place with your family just call Copa Airlines Telefono and book your ticket to start your journey.

Mercado La Merced

This is one of the largest markets in Mexico City which was established in 1963. If you want to enjoy traditional foods then come to this market and enjoy. It is supplied at the retail rate that will also help you to save your money and minimize your hunger.

Mercado Abelardo L. Rodriguez

You can take advantage of this market because here entrance and murals are free. The market is divided into sections like there will be a different section of fruits and vegetables. That sections also help you to avoid confusion if you are not good to find out the difference between fruits and vegetables.

Mercado Jamaica

It is the best flower market from where you can bring various or different kinds of flowers. If you love to hold the collection of flowers then must visit this market. Looking for flowers then this one of best markets in Mexico City so no need to go anywhere just visit this market and pick your flower.

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